What we do.

Corporate Coaching

If we want to keep it simple, organizations are visions planned to be turned into realities through the efforts of a group of people, continuous and consistent and effective alignments between individuals and the vision cannot be expected to just happen automatically, as many happen in between, different styles of leadership, different levels of engagement, different directions and ways of managing internal dynamics all lead to results that are not always in line with what the initial vision was, hence, coaching comes here to bring that alignment.

Organizational Development

Change The Habits - By Shaking The Statuesque

  • Corporate coaching programs start with diagnosing the common behaviors in the organization to identify patterns of habits adopted and unconsciously nurtured by the corporate culture.
  • Good habits which are healthy productive routines that keep organization productive stand on 3 pillars Values, Goals and Relationships (internal dynamics ). Bad habits appear when the 3 pillars are filled with the irrelevant values, goals, and relationships that build ineffective teams.

Lead the Change - And stay connected to your purpose

  • Build leadership capabilities.
  • Accelerate transitions when moving to new roles or promotions
  • Improve communication effectiveness.
  • The shift from executor to strategist.
  • Retain and develop high potentials.
  • Minimize performance challenges and optimize success
  • Change behavior and adopt more productive patterns.
  • Align leadership teams and bring performance to a new level.

Team Alignment - Toward one vision and one purpose

  • Validate whether or not your resources and energies are being channeled in a synergistic direction.
  • Develop strategies and action plans that are in line with the priorities of your shareholders, management team, employees, clients, unions.
  • Transform Leaders conflict into alignment toward one vision.
  • Ensures buy-in to the team’s priorities.
  • Identifies and communicates expectations of each individual to improve the ability of the group to meet its goals.
  • Clarifies individual roles and responsibilities and the most significant obstacles that must be overcome, through focusing on each member strengths.

Human Resource Strategy

HR Consultancy - for an effective HRD service

  • On-the-job coaching of managers on key employment matters.
  • Monthly employment updates ensuring you continue to grow knowledge in-house.
  • Ad hoc HR advice when you need it throughout the year.
  • Attendance at employment law seminars.
  • Sign-posting to other services from which your business can benefit.
  • Advise on necessary HR policy change
  • Modern HR Essentials
  • Effective recruitment
  • Coaching skills for managers
  • Reducing absenteeism
  • Communicating with impact
  • Appraisal Interviewing
  • Managing dismissals
  • Resolving performance problems
  • Managing Bullying and harassment
  • Interviewing successfully